Fire Saraph

Book 7

During the dark of night I stand amongst the shades and specters’ of life and death.

I fear neither shades nor specters’. I have yet to fear life with ups and downs, even death.

Out of the night I have found more about who I am.

I am a being of darkness, yet I live in the light of the world showing my face.

Yet I do not know where I am going or who I am.

I walk through the shades and specters of the night at my own pace.

I feed off there essence.

I feel there sadness of why they are still amongst us.

I feel there pain through there presence.

They are with us, they are who we are, and they are us.

Yet I have yet to feel one, who can see me,

I wait amongst the shadows of humans for my better half.

I wait for a guiding light to shine down and pick me.

I will wait for that guiding angel to show me my other self.

Out of the night I see the flames alight.

Out of the darkness of my heart I feel the warmth.

In the flames I see a person, a woman of beauty setting my eyes alight.

Her face sets my heart a racing with warmth.  

She touches the earth with ease and grace.

It’s as if she can see me. In the darkness that surrounds me,

I can see she is strong, passionate, and wise,

I feel others moving in vying for attention of the fire seraph before me.

I know I am unlike her in many ways.

I am a wolf in heart and pride,

I am cold as ice for I have lost most of my feelings for love in so many ways

Why then do I feel like I am even more unlike her, is it my pride?

Moving amongst us now, she walks a way from me,

She takes her time as if conversing with all the specters.

Knowing now that I can never have her with me

I leave this world of mortals to be my own haunting specter.

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