Oh, Luna how I Love thee (Long version)

Book 4

I run through the shadows of my life

Fearing what is behind me

The trees moving with speed.

The goddess Luna watching me from above.

I can feel its presence on me.

I can feel its breath in my ears.

I dont know why its after me?

Why me??????

Why does it wont my life, what did I do wrong?

Have I been forsaken by the gods?

Have they forgotten me?

Must I spend my life running from this terror?

Now its gone.

I slow and come to a stop.

I realize I am in a cleared grove.

Nothing grows hear.

Not a shred of grass.

Not even a flower.

Its only one way in, the way I came.

Every thing around is like a prison.

A prison of roses and thorny vines.

I turn to look around waiting for it to come.

Then the pain starts, fast and quick.

Rents open over my back, chest and legs.

Blood flows freely out of my body.

Where did it come from?

I look to Luna and see it staring back at me.

She has chosen that I die this day.

She has made her choice in who is to be sacrificed.

I die with her embracing my bloody body

After the long embrace from my goddess,

I arise and feel the world around me.

Its cold wind pushing through the trees,

caressing my bloody body.

Its cold caressing touch washing away my blood.

I open my eyes, to behold my world, though new eyes.

What were once browns, greens and many colors are now.

Grays, blacks, whites, and shadows of what I have lost.

She still whispers to me,

I can feel her gaze upon my flesh,

But the feeling of dread is still hunting my soul.

But why? Why me??

I run through the very entrance I came in,

I stop and look back, to see what was once me.

Lying in the dirt lays the remnants of my cloths.

Blood stained and shredded.

I hear the whispers of the person I used to be,

Clawing in my head trying to remember who I really was,

My lost identity.

My lost dignity

That which no longer means anything to me.

The wind howls once again, now I must run,

For now the new terror begins,

This time she will be with me,

My goddess Luna, my killer and savor,

I run through the forest,

grass whistling past my legs,

Wind howling in my ears,

with the thumping beat of my heart.

Legs moving to an unseen rhythm, as if drawn to the path ahead,

Where is it I must go?

What must I do, for her?

The last bit of forest drops off to my left and is replaced by lush grasslands,

Rolling up and down,

Twisting valleys no taller then a man,

Grey grass billowing in the shades of moon light,

Nose to the wind,

Twitching with the scent of prey,

Becoming more of what I must truly be,

Felling the prey before me, I run faster and faster,

Must catch that prey for my goddess, my love,

There it is, but its a man,

Could I kill another man for my goddess?

This is what she asks of me!

I run right into his line of sight,

His face a mask of horror and fright,

As I leap up at him,

ready to render him to peaces,

His face so similar to my own,

He runs, and runs,

and I chase after,

He heads through the grass, to the trees,

Through them, twisting to the well beaten path,

I know this path;

I know this doom he will face,

It is not long before I slow and reach the entrance to the very glen I left

There he stands staring at the trees as if ready to bolt through them,

He turns, looks at me,

then to the sky,

The blood then flows from his back, his chest, and his legs,

I can see this horror of death I faced, first hand,

I can feel Luna reaching out and caressing him

Like she did to me, now I know why

Why I had to hunt him, he is me!

Now I know my fate, and how much I love Luna

For now I see her, her very essence,

and beautiful she is to me,

She fills up my eyes, my mind,

Making me feel whole, and apart of her.

Know I am not alone, in this shadowed world we call home.

I have a brother to hunt with. A brother to be with me.

We both were chosen for this, and loved for it.

For now its time to hunt.

My brother turns to me looking over Lunas shoulder.

His eyes turning colors.

The south wind starts its moans and howls.

Filling my with the urge to hunt again.

This time Luna looks at me and then to the open field beyond

I feel the will that is my goddess.

She is calling to others like us.

Brothers and sisters to hunt the night

With her watching over our shoulders

With her holding us at night and loving us

We will start the hunt soon.

With the grass brushing past us

With the beating drum of her will

We push on and on

Never forgetting who we trust and believe in.

Our savior and lover

Our goddess Luna.

We spill blood in the moon light for her!

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Starward's picture

What an eerie poem----very effective in its presentation.