feelings so intense

So much more than brain.
I will never worship Thoth.
The beauty in a single grain.
The kingdom of God.
If only you could feel what I feel in this moment.
A cup overflowing with the most sweetest wine.
A vessel filled with the beloved.
A taste of the divine.
Lips tasting life and eyes pouring light.
The sun is now rising after 100 dark nights.

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Wow, your a christian? Haha

Wow, your a christian? Haha ..you people are such losersish, close minded, bigots.
..lol jk
Sorry, I like being controversial..I'm actually a christian myself =O
good poem.

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there is nothing close minded about intuitively knowing/remembering where you came from and what you are doing on this earth. Close minded is the ignorance that is often seen in Americas superficial, materialistic ways of trying to buy happiness, and destroying the planet and feeling like they ARE this meet suit aka body, who needs to be saved by the blood of a prophet.or making fun of people and calling them "hippies" because they love nature and this earth, even though i feel like thats why i am on earth in the first place. Was I born on earth not to appreciate earth and to heal it, just to destroy it and live a completely self absorbed life in material and never adventuring out of my ego.mind into who I truly am as an eternal being? The rest of the world may forget, but I remember, and I hope to help others wake up and remember who they truly are as well. this has nothing to do with religion or dogma. It ventures far deeper than pages in a book that are essentially history and simply training wheels compared to the truth and light that is found within each and every one of our own individual souls/hearts.