no such thing as a wasted day

There's no such thing as a wasted day. If there was, a wasted day would consist of running around having pointless fun drinking and smoking cigarettes and doing cocaine to "live to the fullest." An unwasted day would be one spent in silence. In solitude. As you travel across the galaxies studying the design of the universe within yourself. Don't be mixed up. Don't stand on that side of the mirror. Be the mirror, let God polish you. Every single moment of your human existance is a miracle beyond reason. Search the underlying layers of what your eyes can see. Now tell me, what's reality? Solid form is made up of mostly empty space. A thought, a word that created something out of nothingness. "In the beginning was the word, and the word was God."

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Some of the best days I've

Some of the best days I've had have been spent drinking wine and smoking cigarettes :P Just sayin'

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The best days I have had is finding the presents that I brought with me to earth within myself, and opening them up in awe and amazement, then sharing my gifts with the world. i do not enjoy ciggaretts because they are poison, and i can not stand even the thought of hindering my bodys well being, i love myself too much to be anything less than as healthy as possible. fresh air is far more exhilarating than poison, it causes me to feel far more high, on life that is.( the best thing to be high on!)