Outside the box

How to explain so much pain rewired my brain. I'm not the same not the same to be born again. I saw the beauty in people you wouldn't even look twice. I dove myself in their hell to save them show them the light. I don't have a job. No money people don't listen but when I do have a job. They try to take from my teacher. Such a burden such a burden just to try to stay humble. Every parent says, do as I say not as I do. All I want in this life is to show you that you're family too. I had a vision of Jesus. He told me to replace him but I don't want slaves your soul should be free and honor God like you're supposed to. If you enslave a soul. In the afterlife you are it's slave. I know that you don't know so I plead that you behave. I'm sorrounded by hyenas, I'm sorrounded by these snakes. They see what I don't do. What I do is placed in shame.

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This shows up just after we were speaking of outside the box. 

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God works in mysterious

God works in mysterious ways.