All I do is smoke weed. I let the world judge me. I go outside to smoke a cig. I let the world judge me. I talk with the lower class, the outcasts, the have nots. I'll let you judge me I made it easy to judge me. My soul is free. Not for sale. Did you pawn yours? All the money in the world don't amount to the interest. Just know when it's time to pay up it's gonna take you a minute. Admit it a hot minute I know the admin. Heartbreak can lead to hell you didn't know about that. I learned to forgive and climbed out the hell I was in. Sometimes you have to loose just so that you can win. It's easy to sin. Lord knows it's hard to ascend. I'm back again. Yes now right at the end. About to begin and then celebrate with a drink. To be old enough. Hear now the 7 x 3. Let's make it a date. Oh what a year it'll be.

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