A new world

Remember the days when we made passionate love. Day after day it was never enough. Remember when nothing existed it was only just us. We could be there being quiet and or talking non stop. Remember all the arguments that we had. When it was nothing serious in the end we would laugh. Remember in the days we had trust. I'd tell you things you'd tell me things whatever happened to that. Time and time again we would go then come back. My greatest love you were at first then again in the last. What a fantasy we created. Your betrayal was so painful almost too much to take. I must forget you. So I can feel in love again. That's why now it doesn't matter how much I do miss your smile. Or the way you gave me kisses when you saw me frown. See it really doesn't matter how much I do miss your touch. Or the way your skin felt when you gave me hugs. It doesn't really matter how much I do miss your eyes. How I would look in them and then fantasize. Saying I didn't miss you will just be a lie but don't try to come back I have said goodbye.

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