Mirror boxing

We from the school, the school of hard knocks who's ready to rock? 

Yo I don't give a fuck! Go toe to toe against the devil the people suffered enough. Be careful with the battle you might not come out alive. Tries to possess you if it fails makes you want to end your life. Fooled with a lie that's not peace or freedom. You want me vicious to release you from your prison. Say fuck it all and throw morals out the window. I've seen hell, seen limbs stuffed in buckets and stupid motherfuckers laughin as they fucking stuff it. Bodies in the streets. Slowly rotting decomposing. Thank God for my conscious. I hate hell it breaks my heart to see you suffer or when you want me to suffer. The world is yours we get bitter then get better. You cannot defeat me. I'll defeat you and get better.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Inspired by P.O.D School of hard knocks

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