maple and pine.

Wood against wood scraping a century of floor boards
screams in my ears as you walk through the frame.
A ghostly spectre made of skin and bone.
The words clatter from your mouth and tell me a thousand truths
in a simple meaningless refrain:
"It's nasty out there, it must have snowed a foot".
Leaning in for a kiss
the sound of your skin
against my skin
is stentorian.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Have you ever loved someone?

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coffeewithleonardcohen's picture

I liked it.

Hey I'm not going to break this down line by line but I just wanted you to know something.

I have never understood the appeal of hobnobbing with strangers on the internet.  I've been talked into joining this sort of thing for essentially Machiavellian purposes.  I was poking around on this site trying to decide if I belonged here. 

It was your portfolio that tipped me over.

That's all.