It's ok to let go of me

We stand alone, yet together in our thoughts.

Our hearts beat in perfect sync and harmonize the sweetest songs.

But the world was always spinning around while we were singing,

And we kept smiling, hoping to never lose these lackadaisical feelings.

But the world had started to split, you started to fall.

You reached for me, longing for my touch, keeping you from falling into malevolent darkness.

I held you tightly, your hand was soft and frail, yet warm, strong.

Then the world tilted, and you rose whilst I descended.

You threw your arm out at me. I flailed, risking whatever I could do wrap my hand around your arm.

To feel your warmth still holding onto me, you held me, and I was safe, because you were there.

You were smiling, and I smiled, but then I saw your eye glisten, your mouth opened, and I was scared.

Your tears tapped upon our tangled hands. You said, you whispered to me, "I love you".

You slipped, now I'm falling down, straight down, I screamed and choked on my fits of fear.

You were screaming, so loud and so scared, your voice faded away.

I heard you say "I'm sorry, I'm so sorry" as I closed my eyes, I was weak, couldn't try anymore.

I hit the ground, but I stayed whole, it shattered around me.

Am I dead? This make shift ground that broke around me, is it my subconscious?

Was my life flashing before my eyes? Was I still falling, or floating? Will I ever find my way out?

These fragments are vivid, I saw you there, floating around me, you were there with me.

Smiling in one flash, crying in another... But you were always there, in these far-off memories.

Or are they dreams? After all, I could have only dreamed for someone like you to come along,

To understand and just feel for me, care for me. Were you ever really there?

Were you just my sweetest dreams that I devoured to fast, like the sweetest of candies that we shared?

Now I lie down in this cold area. I'm floating between the conscious and unconscious, living and dead.

Am I trapped here? Will I ever be with you again? Am I ever going to be ok? Do I want to go back...?

Whether you were a dream or a distant memory, I don't care about what you did to me.

I just want you to keep fighting for me, or the memory of me, ok?

Just know that I still love you, whether you were a dream or a distant memory,

I love you more than you would ever know.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this a while ago for a friend

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