Sweet Art


Sweet Art


When I wasted those years


When I shattered my energy


Writing you


Drawing you


Improving you


Crying to perfect you


Sleeping next to you


I wasn't looking for anything other than you


Not for attention


Not for recognition


Looking I have been

and I will be looking only for you


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:( wasted years? were they

:( wasted years? were they really wasted?

Much Love


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Ashley dear Thank you,

Ashley dear

Thank you, first of all, for responding.

But regarding the years, were they really wasted?

I feel so, but you know better.

It really depends on one's experience.

Everything is so relative. Is there anything absolute?

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your perception and feeling is what you are left with when a moment has come and gone

all you can do is cling to that and decide how to cope with the loss of the moment


as for absolutes....only if you are a Sith Lord or a Hypocritical Jedi ;)

Much Love


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what ever you sayI will

what ever you say

I will never disagree with whome I like.

even if I try to talk back,

my throat will refuse to raise it's voice!

who am I?

a drunk confused mind


Trying to repent


Trying to come back home.


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that was almost a poem in

that was almost a poem in itself

Much Love


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Thank you

Thank you


Anaya Uhane (I like wolfs, by the way, but they keep running away from me. They think, I guess, I will bite)

Thank you Ashley for being a good friend.

Thanks  to both of u for being so smart and so understanding

Actually, my dream is to have a smart child. Alas, I didn't find the right mother!

No problem since I have sweet girls like you who can fill the space in my mind