Maybe Someday

Just a thought!

Maybe Someday

My dad and I were fishing on the lake one summer day, and after a couple hours, he looked over at me and said, Well, I guess the fish aren’t biting so good today….I looked back at him and thought to myself, oh well, it was still a good time, and replied, “Maybe Someday”….At that moment, he sunk down, put his hand across his cheek, and looked as if the world had ended..  

My dad wasn’t a big talker, but with a lump in his throat, he began to tell me a story… and I had learned from past experience, most of what he shared with me,

was a lesson from his own past.

He went on to tell me of a phone conversation he had with a lady one time after she had called the wrong number. She apologized with great remorse for taking up his time. He was so captivated by her voice and sincerity, he hit redial the next day. She was a little surprised but went on with the conversation. Dad said, we talked for more than two hours. It was amazing, but we connected so well and enjoyed each other’s company; it was hard to hang up.  We became good friends and proceeded to talk

every week or so, then everyday. We ended up loving each other!   Wow, I said, “Where did she live?” He said, ummmmm, only about a thousand miles away, and sighed.

  She was busy with her own life, and I was busy with work here…so we never got to meet. Although we talked about it many times, the end of the conversation was always, “Maybe Someday.”     I ask him, “How was it possible to love someone you had never met?”… He just looked at me with a tear in his eye, cleared out his throat and said, “I can’t explain it to you right now”… and as he looked away, he muttered, “Maybe Someday.” I didn’t pursue it at the time.   About a year later after dad was gone, I

Decided to take the little boat out with my son, for an afternoon of fishing.

There under the seat, undisturbed, was my dad’s tackle box.    Jimmy pulled it out as

I got us a little farther out in the lake.   Inside was an envelope,    To Michael…  

He handed it to me and started fishing.   I put down my pole and opened the envelope

to find, a fairly, matted together, letter inside.

   Dear Michael, You ask me, on our last fishing trip, “How was it possible to love someone you had never met?”……and I was unable to explain, as I was a little choked up at the time, but I will do my best now.   The lady I spoke of; her name was Lilly,

And we talked, almost everyday, for nearly 10 years. When you enjoy someone’s company, you learn to trust them without question, and there are no secrets between you. We had that. There is a bond, and you hold them in your heart. You love them unconditionally. There were times we didn’t talk, because of work or other obligations.  I missed her so much, my heart hurt and felt empty. Then the phone would ring and I’d

Hear her voice; a sigh of relief would come over me and I’d wipe the tear, welling up in the corer of my eye. We’d talk for hours about our day, saying I love yous, and how it would be when we got together; and the end of our conversation was always, Maybe Someday. It was like our “till we meet again.” Time went on and we grew older. I called one day, only to hear from her son, she had passed away.

I took a trip to see her resting under a beautiful oak tree she had once told me about,in one of our many conversations.

On her headstone, read…..I have loved you unconditionally

                                    Our Hearts Entwined

                                Though we never got to meet…

                                     Maybe Someday

Don’t put off your dreams…

I have put mine off now, far too long.

Love Dad

by Barry Anderson

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"Story of Love and Dreams"

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