Mary Jane

You Act Like I'm The Devil
Like I Put You Through Hell
And You Need Drugs And Alcohol
Just To Come Out Of Your Shell

I'm Sorry I Want The Best For You
And I Want The Best For Us
But Anytime I Give You Advice
You Make A Huge Fuss

I Am Sorry But I Think You Should Quit Smoking
And Its Hard To Stay Off Your Back
I Want You To Be Strong Enough To Quit
But Thats A Goal Right Now That You Lack

You Don't Really Think Of The Future
And Your Not Worried About Your Health
I Guess The Only Time Your Concerned About Anything
Is When Its Dealing With Your Wealth

Working And Being With Your Friends
Thats Whats Important To You
But Don't Forget..
If Your With Your Friends What Are You Going To Do?

Oh Yes
Your Going To Be Smoking That Mary Jane
It Doesn't Matter If Its Sunshine
Or Pouring Down Rain

Its Like Clock Work
If There Around.. So Is She
And Shes The One You Love
The Only One Who Sets You At Ease

You No I Don't Do That Stuff
I'm A Little Goody Two Shoes
I Won't Ever Be Weak Enough To Give In
Peer Pressure Is Easy To Refuse

But You Can't Seem To Handle That
So You Choose To Make That Call
You Go Hang Out With Your Friends
And Let Our Relationship Fall

We've Fallen Through The Cracks
And We Can't Manage To Get Back Out
Our Relationship Is Dying
Just Like Everything Else In This Drought

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I Refuse To Marry Someone Stoned Out Of There Brain.

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9inety's picture


like the stoner is married to Mary Jane


"One of the best results of life, is the torment of love"

Dylan Eliot

Silver__lining's picture

thank you

i really felt your feelings towards "Mary", it woke me up who is a pretty avid user... thank you

can you hear me now?

Shellysweetness's picture

Sweetest Comment

Thank You. That Was The Sweetest Comment I Ever Got. I Wanted So Badly For My Boyfriend To Read This And Have It Change His Lifestyle Or Atleast Open His Eyes.. It Didn't. But I'm Glad I Could Enlighten Someone Else :)