Thank You All

One for each and each for one
Of the people who captured my heart
The ones who kept my soul bright and alive
When all around life was dark

To Laura, the completion of me
And the love we share through the times
My heart has been found in your graceful way
And my soul can be seen in your eyes

For my Dark Angel I thank for everything done
Through my heartache and sorrow and pain
3 long years of support and of love
When there was always someone else to blame

For Kitty my little Kiebler Elf
Whos not afraid to say her own mind
Your passion and fire makes me smile inside and out
You are truly but one of a kind

For my almost 18 year old sister
Who should smile but sometimes forgets how
Your life will be one big adventure
Stop being impatient for the treaures to be found

To Diggi who always understands me
You know Vice Versa is always the same
Your battles have all but been won for you
Hope that one day i will also be saved

To my nappy haired traveller from a struggling home
I thank you from the bottom of my heart
For keeping me sane by reminding me that
Being insane isnt bad, its just hard

For the closest one Faeriedust who once flew away
To a better life with a smile
I tell her to stretch her wings and to fly
For destiny waits for you child

To my Littlest sister who smiles outside in
But feels down and out inside
I tell her to learn to smile for the truth is
I know tomorrow will be bright

For the one who lives so close yet so far
Who has helped me more than ever could see
Her selfless ways pave her path to glory
Through all trials and tribulations to victory

To my Scottish kid sister who dares to live
Or lives to dare close to death
You know how I feel when I see you in tears
You'll still have me when life takes all but your breath

To you Psycho, though you may never read it
I thank you from the bottom of my heart
You broke me again after all I'd been through
But each actor on stage plays a part

After you Wish there was none for a time
Who could touch me like you did
I loved you deeply, even loved your child
I hope your life's better without me in

Mr J the drama man from my school
Give me more than he ever shall know
Confidence in life and ability to act
Like there is never anything wrong

Steve-O the guy who taught me to be a teen
How to enjoy my life while I could
How to deal with friends running off without you
Thanks mate give me thought for food

To the girl who i give my first heart to
You will never know me no more
Not know the amazing person I did become
After I slammed in your face that steel door

To the eldest of 3 you did well
In your life though you hardly did try
You was a shit and a gobshite but you loved us
Even though you did make us all cry

To the one whos "Ignored" throughout life
Because of where you just happened to be birthed
In between the eldest and youngest of boys
Yet you've had more attention put together than us

To the man who I hold dearest of all
In my life of dissapointment and tears
Your structure alone could hold up my whole world
Your support and love has kept me through the years

To the Mother I'd die for I love you
From the bottom of my eternal heart
Your love and your hugs keep me going
Always pushing with light through the dark

All those are mentioned affected me most
In my life that is starting to shine
Mostly good, yet always some bad
Your souls are eternally bonded with mine :)

By The Hopeless Writer

P M Jarvis


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Daryl (Dazza) Gee's picture

hey man thats deep
good poem all round

by any chance ur not the paul jarvis i went to primary skool with are ya?
if not just forget abt it.

keep writin n stuff