Destined To Fail

Destined to Fail

I'm a sceptic its not hard to see

Don't believe that good things happen to me

Don't believe I deserve them, though my biggest need

Deserve to be unhappy, do I need to be cleansed?

Unholy blasphemous evil runs through my head

When its cold lonely and dark

When my demons come out to play

With my head and with my heart

I'm destined to fail myself all the time

The strength I hold is all in the mind

I support all the others and help their lifes

But I cant help my own, without a knife

I'm losing the fight I'm having with life

Far too much dark, not enough light

Drained of all I once held dear

My sight is now hazy, when once it was clear

Why is it so hard

To just live life?

Myself and others including

Where blood letting is rife

Pressure builds needs to release

Emotional no, but physical yes

Scars, blood and blades

Play a big part of life

For the ones caught up

With using the knife


By The Hopeless Writer


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