When the rain comes down

Like a fluttering flame

Your will is blown out

And washes away

When your spirit is torn

Through the earth and the sea

And your comfort is left

In a sincere Blessed Be

When you feel the air

Has been torn from your lungs

When the point is left pointless

And lose will to harm none

When your God has turned

And walked away

And the Goddess just stands

With nothing to say

Thats when you should look

For the face of a friend

To hold up your tears

Or have a shoulder to lend

Coz the things that you lost

Are all in his face

In his eyes, in his mouth, in his lips

Keeping safe

So when you have nothing

Left to make you stand tall

Look into my face my friend

I give you it all

By The Hopeless Writer

P M Jarvis

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