Teenagers Ode To Parents

Teenagers Ode to Parents

So what if I'm secretive ?
So what if I strop ?
Im a god forsaked teenager
Is that Not good enough

You don't understand do you ?
Its all just pretend
Think you've got all the answers
When I need a shoulder to lend

See you tell me that you
Have been in my shoes before
Did your family ever hate you ?
Lost the one you adore ?

Its all a bunch of crap
You're full of these lines
Try to make me feel better
but mine are fake smiles

So just get off my back
Its ok for you
Your life has been sorted
But mine's just begun

I'm not a kid no more
Just let me grow up
Make my own life decisions
Before i have enough

SO WHAT if I cut myself
It's how I deal with shit
Dont wanna talk about it
To you or a shrink

You finally got the idea ?
How I am now myself ?
Deal with it parents
I am nobody else

By the Hopeless Writer

PM Jarvis

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rbpoetry's picture

Attack all you like, parents have it coming to them! Only a deranged moron would bring a child into this world. I should know, I have four previous convictions on that score. Stroppy teenagers are the least of a parents worries. If it all goes pear shaped they will at least have something to remember the "problem child" by. Rebellion builds character and makes men and women out of children.

I enjoyed your stuff, keep it up!

Ruth Lovejoy's picture

It's one thing to rebel against parents but check out the word ain't you could use I'm not and it would sound better. If parents are riding your back there must be a reason in their mind.Instead of getting bent why not try talking it out with them calmly and logically and not getting into a shouting match. You might find they will listen and maybe even compromise at some points with you.Attack mode is not the answer,it only puts boths sides on the defensive..

Hopelesswriter87's picture

I have no issues with my parents.....

The poem was a by-product of my teenage angst a couple of years ago....

Simply written when I was in the throes of a manic depressive attack....Don't worry about me lol :)

Just needed to get it out at the time