She was the loner everyone said

Just didn't fit in

Wasn’t right in the head

She would go home at night and cry on her bed

Prayed she wasn’t here

Wished she was dead

Then onwards tomorrow

Back to the school

Where people were shallow, obsessed with cool

They had no idea

How her life had been

That she’d been abused at just 13

The back to her bed and the pain and the tears

Her hopeless prayers and wishes

And all of her fears

Then he would come in

All booze and fags

She cringed and wished it wasn’t her dad

She would hear the rows

Prayed that it would go on

To prolong the inevitable that was to come

He had his way

Then left the room

Alone at last she sat in the gloom

Next day she weren’t in

But nobody knew

Didn’t even notice her absence from school

He walked in the room

And called out her name

But something weren’t right, just wasn’t the same

She lay on the floor

Pills by her side

Stretched right out, tears in her eyes

She was the loner they all said

But they all wish it could be different

Now that she’s dead

By the Hopeless Writer

PM Jarvis

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Daryl (Dazza) Gee's picture

yo bro

this is fukin well good.
think i got one similar to this,
is it just a poem or is it abt someone?