I sit here alone now wondering

Along with the thousands before me

Seeing the shadows of those after me

Just starting to appear

What made you do it?

Was it me?

You have to know we arent angry

Just miss you like hell

I always thought

It wouldnt happen to you

You always had your brave face

Put on while caring for everyone else

Its light outside now

Must be morning

Yet its still dark inside

Still dark

You was the one who got away

Did i lean on you too much?

When i couldnt help you

And you wanted to help me

Im told i cant blame myself

But blame is a funny thing

Cant place it yourself

Kinda homes in to where it feels right

Dont think I'm making much sense anymore

I called your phone today


Final nail comes to mind

I miss you

Im proud of you

I love you

Goodnight xxxx

To the one who got away

By The Hopeless Writer


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