Crimson Tears

Crimson Tears

Crimson tears keep on falling

Clouded eyes slow in dawning

While sacred hearts beat forgotten tunes

Falseties of lies falsety of truths

Wasnt supposed to be this way

Your black heart beats in time

Deaths clammy hand never far

Always by your side

And what of the person you set out to be

The helper, the harmer, the lover. Was it me?

Anyway doesnt much matter now

Too late to stop your death clocks sound

But thats not nice to speak of

So hush a bye babe

Pretend everythings alright

Its all A OK

But the mirror of self reflects once again

The person you was, you are, has changed

Is that really me looking back?

Hard to tell through the mirror's blood stained crack

By The Hopeless Writer

P M Jarvis

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