They need him...


Children need their father.

I know I did.

It was confusing for a little girl.

To be torn away without any understanding.

No reason for being.

Left me feeling like it was me.

My fault.

I didn't understand.

It still hurts me.

Even though I did get to see him.

Summers and holidays.

It wasn't enough.

I turned out wrong.

I needed a father to guide me along.

And protect me.

I feel for the children torn away

due to issues between parents.

It's not fair to the children.

The affects are lifelong.

They'll need healing.

The Children need their father...


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georgeschaefer's picture

I had a rough relationship

I had a rough relationship with my father so I can relate to this.  Nice poem.

Stephen's picture

A story too often heard.

Nice write.  Stephen