i use to love him.

i use to love him in every aspect of the word.

all the wrong things he said,

were left unheard by my ears.

because my eyes were always blocked with tears, i never saw what he really was.

blinded by what he could buy,

overlooking the when, how, and why?

i was the best thing in his life and he in mine.

i use to love him with intensity that could outlast time.

maybe my mother was right,

at the time, i thought she spoke from spite,

but she was only looking out for this girl,

how can i make him my world, when he doesn't deserve me.

now i can't stand to see his face,

i rid my heart of every trace,

enough giving in and stepping out on a whim.

i realize now that i use to love him.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

part 2, to i love him

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Afzal Shauq's picture

a good poem with realsitic approach.. idea is good and poetic way done is intersting..hope you go through my poems too

Vanessa Rosales's picture

damn this 1 reminds me of somethin i got wit my man ... it was really good and by readin this whole "sergio" section i understand how u must feel ...

much luv