A longing in the depth of thy soul,

a yearning for truth and love.

As the sun rises in the early morn,

so shall it be the Lord brightening

the core of your heart.

In the walk with the Lord a revealing

of wisdom came, spoken into the

center of thy heart , soul and mind.

As we try to understand from our human

prospectives, so shall the clouds follow.

When we fully give ourselves to God

and intrust the Lord with all.

He shows us in symbols or parables.

When we share with those who claim

they are with the Lord but rejects the

follower in Christ also rejects Him.

In this walk learning that not all see

what is showen in the presence of truth.

May the wisdom of this world fall

and the light shine upon us all.

The Lord Is My Shepherd

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Colossians 2:8-9

see to it, then, that no one enslaves you

by the means of worthless deceit of

human wisdom, which comes from the

teaching handed down by men and from

the ruling spirits of the universe, and not

from Christ. For the full content of devine

nature lives in Christ, in his humanity.

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i was`nt always right,but i was`nt always wrong
it`s the mistakes that makes us strong
i liked your poem