Something To Think About

How many of us say no ones perfect,

we are humans we make mistakes.

Yes, I have been agreeing with this

concept of truth,

then again it is a form of lying to ourselves,

manipulating our minds in saying it's ok.

We are not perfect.

Something troubled me of the fact I do wrong

and make wrong choices.

Knowing in this I started realizing I am

manipulating my mind into saying it's ok I am not


I found myself repenting in the wrongs,

and asking for forgiveness.

Then through conversation a new revelation

came to me in a dream.

before the dream I was led to a scripture on

Ananias and Sapphira how they had lied to God.

When we are born into the Holy Spirit it holds

the truth within our self, something that was

already given to us by the Spirit.

When they had realized they had lied to God

they fell dead.

Reading that passage scared me and I had

wondered if I have lied to you God with out knowing

I had done that.

In the dream I saw myself in the house of God on my

knees being confronted of my sins.

and when I was asked a question by the

Apostle, my guilt wade so heavy I knew I could not lie,

I started confessing my sins and then I had woken up.

From the insight of this dream that our conscious mind

runs so deep with God that even in our state of unconscious

we can not lie, for if we do, we will die.

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Afzal Shauq's picture

deeep thought... sure wonderful... and soul kissing idea...