"One Moment In Time"

~A Ponygirl Design~

Standing still upon the hill,

mild wind and sunlit fill.

Grape of vine,

emersing love devine.

Gather treasures and widen eye's,

fullness in the hearts and size.

Lasting thoughts of bright and glow,

love flowing within the flow.

Grass as green of shining health,

in the spirit is mighty wealth.

One moment in time is clear,

emitting in the temple's atmosphere.

A song in note of beauty bright,

a moment held just tight.

Standing still upon the hill,

wings began flapping, will

strength grows stronger

Heart expanded fuller,

lifting up off the hill soaring

the sky so blue, exploring.

Adventurous mindfullness being,

Absorbing in natures love seeing.

Mountain tops and rivers long,

trees stand tall birds singing songs.

Wrapped in humbleness spreading cheer,

in the moment of pure air.

Laughing children and beek-a- boo's

playing, dancing with animals sooths.

All welcome in childs heart remains,

a place that never rains.

~One Moment In Time~

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Ruth Lovejoy's picture

really beautiful piece