A mouse on the roof

childrens poems

There's a mouse on the roof.

I ask how he got there and

he said with a poof.

He chuckled a laugh and with

a big grin.

There's a hole on the roof he said,

they call it the chimney chim chim.

The mouse looked at the sky

and he wanted to fly.

He took a deep breath and started

to try.

When the mouse looked at the edge,

he gave a big frown.

How would I ever get down.

The mouse started to fear,

on his cute little face was a tear.

Then he thought and he thought,

then he said do you have a latter

my dear.

I said I do and we shouted

with cheer.

As the latter stood tall to

reach the roof.

How that mouse got there

will never have proof.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I have children myself and I get the inspiration from my kids.

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absolutely adorable!