wicker wane

Mastermind and master time, know the riff inside my vine

Farry fables of the mane, the trusty sword in somber rain

Wasted worry and devour, must we call to power tower

Waster wower or disdain, questions are the names the names

Worry wander woes of man --- can you know the flan the flan

Flam and fiddle fawn and fiddle, fuss and luster moss and middle

Make your fiddle fiddle fiddle, so you go into the middle

Peaks and curves make Lorenz swords of lusty words

Lusty words


Paperbacks break all their backs and know the names of rats and cats

Why know rats if rats know rats, the bats and rats know all the bats

Hefty fines for quoting scripture, oh the scriptue pictue wiktue

Pepper placid nomes and rasters, know the faster is the raster

Targa board and favor ford, like mustard seeds for masters needs

Wishy washy feeds, the feeds make all the needs and bleeds

Do not know the feeds that feed, they cover time with needle needs


Wasted washing, knowing talking making walking faking plocking

Plicking Plocking--- Hok and pok, wishy washy talky walk

Oh talky walk and somber frain of mastermind the night of knight

Wasted washer of the fight, what happened to your luster might

The luster might of master mode the mazer moze that moze that knows

Knows the means of power codes, the codes the codes the codes the code

Ovum trifexis thats not a lexus thats a factid facile fexis like idol tracks for poop in rats?

No baby words for baby bats and rats are hats for cats with bats, why are the cats ---- toting bats

Balls and bats make rappers rap, and whistle bustle is the rue --- not Sue or May but title DAY

Here comes the day, where is the hay?  Like horses need and grow and bleed the horses bleed, why do they bleed?

You mash their hat with mallet fat and break the bone on skully cap, that is so rude and trusty dude --- the rude is rude

So rude so rude!!! I'm in the mood said the food, feed me food my food my food where is my food said apple dude


Paste and paper wanton caper listen slug you slither slacker make your wrapper fold and fapper dapper dipper like tow in siri

Siri is not feary weary she never tows the feary weary she always makes the weary wane like flame and flicker flow

Master mode is trusty toad, like on the road when you go by, why do you go? why wonder why?

Why make the paper trusty toad?  Why make it alamode?  Why make the pond instruct the boat?

Why listen to the master moat?  Why float the boat and tote the note?  Why work the field if I not wrote?

I wrote not note nor time nor tame, so listen to my flicker flame.

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Brilliant rhyming and awesome

Brilliant rhyming and awesome timing xP