Don't tell me that you actually think I am a woman, I like to be friendly how dare you.

I walk in trouble and try to reset my only thought by string and wire, but muck and mire.

I like to be talked to and reasoned with, why do you persistently ignore me.


I am like a flower that has wilted in the sun due to lack of water, what then will you say?

Will you give me a drink or will you watch me rot, I think the latter because you are incapable of supplying me with water

If the world is such a terrible place then why don't you do something about it.

Why do i persistently chase that eagle and only to find that the eagle has become gnarly and covered with thistle and thorn

Wicked people are nothing and godly people are ignorant so why do you consider me to be nothing if not wicked

Perhaps you would light a candle at my funeral and shed a fake tear so that you can console yourself for your loss

Grow you up and make you better for your own life you hatred driven beast, kill the bird and make it beg for its life

Rotten and worded, toned and sorted --- measured and contorted... Deliverance is so distorted

Ping me and make me hear your latent thoughts so that I can distort my own reality

Reason with me in the past and make your future my suffering

You kindred fool of the spirit, bless me with your dishonour

I love you dad, you hate me

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Dewdrop's picture


What a deep and meaningful poem.It made

me think about past emotions that I've kept 

bottled up.