she drifts to a world of fantasy


the drifting Redwood falls below the surface


alone she sits in her lucid dream


her very soul permeates a reason for being


into a darkened forest with zombie creatures


husks of bitter matter on their being


long viscious fangs that drip blood off side


inside she hides away from its gloom


yet she takes a step into this vast domain


watches a nearby swan in the lake


the is in her a direct correlation between love and hate


some call this fate yet she still seeks for a reason for being




with a hand across her heart she makes a timeless dart onto a barren path


there she can breath in the silence of her own thoughts


next the wolves come across her scent then she runs away


looks back into a vast expanse of eyes piercing through the very fabric of her soul


she screams with intense fervor to futher the moment


then at last there was peace the sun dashes in on her frame


a cause to rejoice as she smiles with the reluctance of immeasurable bliss