cant run it in 720 hd

will balance it by a full

morning of Joelstene

in the crystal cathedral


stuck with the slow mo

three hundred..

truly need to get my

gamer tower working

cant even run videos

audio music only...


i did go for dog walk

natures beauty resplendid

neighbour screaming at his

kids....dealers door quiet

crack bridge empty of

jonesing waiters

like the line about


makes me think of undertakers


when the end times come

and those flying monsters are

released from the ground

that gets me

I hated and still do those flying

monkeys from Oz...


when i see the white horse

then i will know somethings up

and anyway we dont get CNN

so just have to wing it..


and you are write about being right

in marks would have been

at least in the seventies were it not for

the laziness about spelling grammar

proper form....

i was spoiled...i worked for people

who had little resorts....and bosses

on the road with grade five education

hustlers who could barely read nor

write...handling huge bad assed crews

I got into using those symbols when I

used the typewriters..

forty two options of symbols and numbers

compared to the twenty six keys on this

motherboard plastic fantastic modern

contraption...still miss the manual typewriters

or electrics i once picked up.

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Monkeys. Got them in my head with OZ too. Now I wonder if YOU live in my head as well. Hmmm... weird. 

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