I love post poems

each of us is naked inside our clothes left as a tender rose as you suppose

an untimely gift so you get my drift in a center from the mind you got this

a tender swept deal amidst the pain zero in on a name heros plain

each day is a gift if you get my drift soft sorrow in the drift

live in the center of your mind circle in my mind...,

Kit Kat the sorrowful nap can give you a heart attack treasure in back

love is a coma a masterful sonar toward anything goes,


taking a cat nap with the sugar in the back folding hands as to react

circle in the wind the sorrowful minister wins the beauty as to reach a bit deep;

the folding of the hands embraced by the saviors hand

a commercial to breath knocked down to your knees

fragrance to the wind as in sorrowful win


a breath of lavender with a shed of Rosemary,

knocking as to dreaming the underscore is winning

proof a deposit in the closet a rip torn logic,

sure fire way to meeting cactus branch receiving glory be


life is busy when your making other plans all to understand the Willow nor the fan

time to embrace and understand:

Rocky running up those stairs one can't compare that nothing was there

he made his way drinking eggs slurpee,

a nestled beat stand room to repeat...,


Rocky throwing stones in regards to staying in the zone

having to fight Mr. T and The Russian or should I let somethings beam,

sweat pant Army pants the quietness of letting go beyond the branch of leting go

Rocky could fight like there's no tommorow amidst his pain nor sorrow,


Although the years have passed still having every reason to ask the flame of his glory

that's still not the end of the story,

see beyond the make believe his sees a heavenly need to help each other

pierced with regards of letting go 


Rocky taco prize for letting things go bust up the beat to increase ts tempo

All those years ago the beat of letting go,

surfing through its magic a time before..,

Rocko taco take you their take you to the sky take you any where


life is built on faith make no mistake the proof is in the pudding who are you kiding

love has gained it also has lost humanities courageous of cost


Each new day we learn something valuable amidst the pain inside we gain

what are the marching orders let me be the first to explain:

A coward dies 1, 000 deaths a saint dies but one

in the ancients circle let them mark down but none

beauty in the famous beast lie down gently and repeat

a ballpark figure that one deserves to recapture


love has its roots down deep and structured for all to notice

how you had fought so hard and fierce my one truest love is gone from here

a challenge to be free is a question of time my one solution is using my mind

living on the edge and its going to my head sitting up at night all alone in bed

following the rainbow to the sky I see a reflection of you pass me by

Our war were in is almost over its so hard to believe I lost my lover...,


pierce the moon beam to the center of the heart