today I walked along the beach and heard a still but small still voice behind me
frantic, it was a surreal moment of anxiety but entered peace through its bend
the voice continued, "Seek me above all things lay hold of my stregnth & salvation".
Wandering I through a rock into the surf I headed toward my blanket & rested
the hours felt in twilight amidst the density of the twilight hour of meditation
took my hand made for me to take flight to understand the masters plan you see
thoughts permeated through my head as I thought I was the flame of the living dead
for then I lied down and my sleep was sweet

giving cadence toward the day onto a heightened pier near the rocks
overhead seagulls fly and the sight of the Albatross passing
remember me in times such as these cling free to me
love lingers on with the faint of a song
the setting of the sun