One Toke Over The Line

here comes the frenzy after the movies


places you want to see


burning through my legacy


lock horns with the coroner at the morgue




sweat of my brow


the faint of a cow


that's how we roll


let the truth be told




stuffed inside your mold


love lingers on with the faint of a song


happy to be a rooster on a roller coaster


music is getting louder




having my clam with chowder


something in my folder


tell you when I get a bit older


takes you by surprise




leave behind those satanic lies


bridges being crossed


we stand alone in the stream


living in a land so very mean




coupled with a bit of tender laughter


prepared for the great hereafter


there is more


remember Studio 64




heroin in the gym


one toke over the line & then


mother superior bought the gun bang bang shoot shoot


a bit of fun under the gun




now Bourdain is dead


what was going on inside his head


he would even eat the dead






could we get some answers


could we attempt to understand


how we stick it to the man with the plan


hearts are uneasy the trip is so long




this is the end of my favorite song


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Bourdain is a true loss.  I'm

Bourdain is a true loss.  I'm still reeling.