Bob Ross & Trees

Nature has a delicate way toward softening the mighty blow.

"Bob Ross & Trees" extends as a delicate potrait as the basis toward the piece.

Each of us has a unique encounter in having are names up in lights. All too often we fall short in the process.

As Ross had his delicate way of speaking approach it drew us in to venture with our delicate eyes...,

Although he had passed still having every reason to grasp the mere notion of thought toward artistic relevance and excellence attained.




Bob Ross & Trees


look deep

over the horizon

a painting with a brush

the delicate way to incorporate a tree


breath deep

stand still & repeat

the thought of Mr. Bob Ross

goes before the toss


I'm without a loss

keeping it all in to manifest inside

like a glitter let it glide

Bob taught us a lot


to be a sort of smooth operator

always kept everything clean

while living in a land so very mean

colors of personification


drifting and adding

love's unfolding

the measure of the growing

a challenge to be free is a quest of time



the man with the hair

brought us great cheer

had nothing to fear


colors of red, blue & green

filled up with a marvelous scene

brought people together

no matter what the weather


Bob Ross stood up light as a feather

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bob :)

... and we'll just put a happy little tree over here. 

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