A Beautiful Butterfly

The premise of my newest poetic piece reaches out to a woman suffering from bipolar disease she grows ill.


Further, realizes that life is short by listening to a beautiful song then gets touched by nature in the form of a butterfly...,


The woman reached out with everything in her very being to discover the presence of love.


Lastly, this is a touching piece I hope it will warm your heart.






A Beautiful Butterfly






she had a sultan swing swept above her hair


baby's hair with women's eyes reflective to share


she danced on a ring of fire yet throws back each challenge with a shrug


in light of the recent attacks on her life she is a victor


fighting back the tears from her eyes it came as no surprise


she moved to the tun of amazement in her veins


let me be the first to explain




a long time a go in a place so far away


she lay nestled in a corner of her room


she was diagnosed as bipolar and grew ill


in every attempt to help medicate we can call it fate


then one day she heard a beautiful song then destiny came through her eyes


she lingered long in her fantasy world with kings & queens


butterfly lay barren on her wall she was so cold took out a shawl




the butterfly flew outside her room out on the patio


taking her to sweet places she needed to know


in time the butterfly dazzled with an appeal of reason


perhaps it was in the changing of the season


she studied the beautiful butterfly with her eyes


days had passed still she had no reason to grasp where the butterfly went to




she sought with cadence through a tiny orb type crystal with a shaped heart


this would light the inner spark to what she had been waiting for


after the turning of events she saw the butterfly again this time it had grown to a mammoth queen...


the leaves were changing the side of the trees lied barren with moisture


cascading falls near her house with a cool crisp brook


she took a look and their was the butterfly friend in the air again


nature breeds cadence to the simple to take another look at its wonder




then there was a fatal day when the butterfly died she was frantic inside wanting to hide


there was no clear view of it coming alive so she buried it beneath the red sod


the cycle of life in its forbidden form gazed between the surface


helpless but never hopeless she slowly regained her confidence out of coincidence


out of tragedy she learned a clear lesson from the butterfly which is never relent to ever give up on the fight...,


until next time....