there's a bridge that devides the fold amidst the tops of an angry mob for sure


there's a taste of an amazing mix of melodic tones deafening in the current


there's a place where dwellers rest to take a part in the test


there's a sun beneath the moon that gives way to cadence in the late of June




through a sunset peak we have sprung a leak inside taking a little peak


through wandering eyes we can lay hold of a surprise amidst the lies


each new day there is a game to be played got it made in the shade


each new course springs true with love sheltered abve the dew




inside we often hide through the rustling hills the cheap thrills it pays the bills


hearken onto its beckoning plow sound the alarm for words to charm


come to the sea drop off all forms of negativity its in your sweet destiny


listen to the birds chirping outside on the lawn look at the lonely fawn




words can take us to each heightened place make no mistake


reflect on the good dismiss what's bad rejoice and be glad


each turn you take make no mistake its tempered with fate


our great escape going west young man my faithful friend with whom you can depend




in the morning there will be reflections sought to the extreme on the scene


we have grown with a grateful heart to impart the furtherance of all goodness


we must resist the evil doer and cling to what is good


think good thoughts of such as Goldi Locks and the tropics




words can create a lasting void to how you really feel another chance at lets make a deal


behind the squeeky wheel we can trust words to be secure as our daily bread


words can bring a smile to a lonesome child to cherish in great riches


light the inner flame of resistance by given a chance