Hang Me

Hang Me




hang me on a limb


cold and dark


etched in the very fabric of my mind


hold me in your arms breeded slow like cold chilled cherry wine


search me slow below the bottom line


I'm existing as in the swallow to wallow in the faded memory of long ago


through cascading breath I have no regrets


Dull in the solace of its unique brevity


try to stay ahead of me




we are at the mercy seat


engaged in the moment of twilight


to beg on the new days sun


carry on with a bit of fun


we have just begun


the thought nor the memory of two hearts to deliver


stand out in the cold & shiver




Hang me on a tree without leaves


where my skull will scatter


as if distant cattle to see what it that matters


under the calm breeze of latent shade


be brave and act your age


bury me below the leaves


pardon me