5/16/18 (5 Newest Poetic Works By Mario William Vitale )

Ever so often we come across rich art that can't be turned away. Through each episode we are willing to explore the rich evidence. Today is a new day instead of drifting away let us try to enjoy true rich literature in the poetic form. Now sit back relax and enjoy:




I Will Rest

today I will rest upon the hidden plains


through font of pen I'll make my plans


to test the waters from above


nestled in a hallow grove




seek rest I thirst through tea laves that quench


mark the man willing to explore,


seek solace as does a fawn to help you get along


through the cadence of a sunset pier




all draw ever near





Love's Fest



seek me early seek me through a breeze


so commonly through the nature of the trees


look long into the midnight hour coming down to the wire


reach ever longing to what is good




learn from your mistakes some call this their fate


shadows block the mere vortex


a view from the hill


share with others the news of love




scented from far up above



Smile Through The Pain



enter in through the pain


to wallow in the muck & mire


thirst for knowledge ever near


to hold a toast of love's cadence




look long to the notion of faith


resist negativity


hold forth the torch


don't seek for remorse




live to the outer most





Justin Timberlake



smart moves


stays in rhyme


watch as he shines


end of the line




he moves with his heart


not a distance to impart


through every move


he stays in pace




some may say its quite a crazy place


dazzles in the auditorium


might be as good as the late Michael Jackson



Distant Runner



keep your pace down


don't wear your head in a frown


we want you to stay around


to have a clear view




push on through


others haven't a sigle clue


one step at a time


stay in line




it's all up to you