Orb & The Forbidden City

Orb & The Forbidden City




metaphysical impulse ensues through the flames of resistance shun its existence


etched beneath the tapestry of loosened conclaves alone in desperation in the night


heavy sounds of cosmic illumination in temples of fire reaching ever higher


on point locked in its duration of blackened shadows that block its vortex




Deep underground softened rock hot lava molten rocks of resistant fervor


soon to discover a faint whisper of a timeless deliverance within its vibration


from temples of fire blowing up in its most purest of desire reside among us


never to relent to ever give up the fight...




so the story begins of ancient dwellers mining for gold with shovels & rocks


one dweller found a key that would unlock an under world filled with quenched blackened desire...


It was believed to be a door in the same vicinity but at night strangely the key was stolen


there was a panic among the dwellers wondering who took their key all but a faint mystery




yet in time it was soon to believe that a young merchant had it & brought it back


so the search was on for this door that they were searching for until t last one day


a Shamon came by to pray said to dig a least five feet down & there it was the door


we all watched on as the door slowly opened to a city of mass portion with high off clifts




we were greeted by a creature of demonic personification in nature


there was an orb of ivory that glowed above the castle door


couldn't realize how this place exists under ground all this time


there was a unique safe haven that the creature brought me to with tea and muffins served




couldn't compose myself was a wreck to say the least but the creature insisted to take calm


there was nothing to fear for all was safe & secure


then the orb stopped and the place went black a voice was heard, " Head Back" !


one step at a time we would climb to the door again and safely locked it behind us




Then outside thunder and rain came down hovering over the dwellers


never would we forget the place of the orb and the forbidden city