Magic Of Writing Creativity

Writing is a magical touch you get from deep down inside your heart.
It extends to all the known factors of  your being.
Essentially everyone is gifted with one talent or another just need to tap into it.
It's a fabricated lie that scientist suggest that we use a small portion of our brains.
Yet as we drift further and further away from positivity we maybe in lack
Words can either heal or wound but its a constant up hill climb.
Talent that some people take for granted but as we extend a hand to help others create we will all be richer for it.
As if each of us is a branch attached to a tree we move and breath together.
It is my dear hope that my very soul permeates a lasting message toward the creative arts.

Remember if we all do our part we can lead each other to the true fountain of love.
Basking in the vast expanse of unconditional acceptance.
Write from your heart and you will make a world of difference.
Just some thoughts by which to ponder hope this helps.