The Trip




is going to take me home


through following the freedom school


free love is all around


the burning of the bras


acid to drop you out


why should we complain, bitch & pout


see you in the inside


came down from the mountain after many years of study


heard a heart cry out as i entered a string of cars on the Santa Monaco Free Way


gone are the days we used to frolic in a haze


today we are as mice stuck in a crazy maze


getting lost in a purple haze


as the sun lays through the vine of my heart


if the sun was meant to shine


if the springs in all its scope were meant to float




Wavy Gravy & the dead what was going on inside their heads


when you get old you leave everything behind


yearbooks & high school romances


ice cubes frozen in time


cardiac dry ice with hard dreams slip viles


the older I get the less I get battered


life now flows though night time boogy's


high school reunions dream in flight


where you now live do you remember these things


old age waits patiently in a new moon