Jack Ass



got a grenade in my pocket so you say Fuck it


have to go pee and there's no place to turn well turn


turn to the plastic bottle as your friend something you can depend


so you throw up in your mouth and you bitch & pout


like a water spout keep trucking along with a song


you wake up late for school man you don't want to go


you ask your mom please and she just says no


can't even wink to dismiss this earthly bliss


when there's a dozen of pots in your sink


life keeps going on and you keep getting strong




put your head between your legs and kiss your ass goodbye


a pop fly in the eye of a center fielder


life is crazy to most like a lost seagull on the coast


everytime you read a book you get hooked


sex, drugs & rock and roll


what will stop the death toll ?


got fat cats with blue hats eating to much ice cream


drop it like its hot all the drugs that you took you thought you had some fun


don't you know your going to kill your son until they run wait until they run away




Jack ass eyes are smashing you been smoking grass


a reason to believe getting knocked down on your knees as busy as a bee


have to deal with noise pollution even suicide as a solution


faces, traces and midnight laces trading places


with faces in the window having storms in the night that send quite a bit of fright.


when your all alone and lonely and your in the midnight hour


you find out your soul has been up for sale


then you start out thinking what you have done


when all your two bit friends are gone and they rip you right off


all those things and how you hated each and everyone one