Cordial Gesture Intact



cobwebs flutter through the vain vortex in our mind


we come with cadence to see the Willow tree shine


leaves that loom in fabricated vast colorization


a branch dwarfed yet withered in the wind


the handsome addage to converse openly & without constraint


there are little things we could do in life that will mean a lot


through opened we learn of a vast duration of a souls fixation


in time we look for a reason for being


one soul soars another will soon to be burned


another page is turned through a vast decorum exposed




living is a reason for being such as the changing of the seasons


a codial gesture left to help each other through the weather


the furtherance of laughter structured with commonly fate


make no mistake on our journey we shall reach the path to heaven's door


lest I implore a vast expanse of an ocean sound


in my secret room far from the existance of reality


its in it we shall see a humble visitation of a creation




show each other this vast amount of love


help your neighbor when their in a bind


the widows and orphans & the walking blind


in time we shall shine through the variation of a rhyme