Velvet Underground

Velvet Underground






there's salt in the air by the ocean without a care


fell beneath the tears of the scale of obscurity


in the Spring the leaves felt through with cadence of illumination


one vibration permeates the fragile structure in my egg shelled mind


but I found a place unlike no other away from the honest decorum


its in the velvet underground with dungeons filled with dragons


the peril of its swift exploits resonate their without a single care


an abrupt front having kings and queens and a court jester to


perhaps I have bitten off far more then I could ever chew


built on a city of gold as time unfolds through the duration of the underground


out of the fever pitch silence there is brought about resilence




painted picture by the kings quarters in solvent resolution


down the corridor the villagers are entertained by the pious court jester with juggling


feathers are swept beneath the palace gate in a swirl of emotions.


out of the wood work came a polished fair maiden strong in her delivery


wanting to see the dragon blown up in its fullest extacy


after a quick look she was hooked drawn upon the nature of the beast


Both the king and queen had a magic wand with a heavenly song




through the velvet underground there is praise for song in heightened fancy


the dragon was soon defeated by a noble man with a sword


cutting off its head he fell head long dead


this is the place where dreams are made a way of escape


from the hustle and bustle of our everyday existence learn to shun the resistance


out of every circumstance you can take part in the dance as you explore the Velvet Underground.