A plate of glass



hit a tender nerve


as if you haven't heard


what a disturbing word


time is on our side by in time


we all want to run away & hide


from the notion of love


springs from help from above


tend to push things under the rug


hearing voices with tender choices


can't even cope with hope


like having a fight with the soap on the rope


yet I'm doing my thing in the evil swing


nothing but a plate of glass


right out on the patio


the weaker you get inflates your ego




a song in silence


a hymn in private


words expressed words unheard


life is but a contest


it's filled with tests I must confess


some are left behind an eight ball


from that of a know it all


but you will know when your number is up


now at a good angle the plate glimmers in the light


never give up on the fight