Let Your Mind Relax



light in visible light never give up on the fight


break through the silence in a pause of a whisper


a heart over flowing through the notion of fate


step aside from your worries and don't be in a hurry


put some soft music on and light a candle


breathe deep into your very soul let the vibration permeate your mind


shadows may block your clear vision yet you are on a mission


look to the sea vibrations are meant to be


the surf going out and coming back in


hold your breath and count to the number ten


there's things that you can do to loosen the mood


let your heart beat toward love out from a higher extreme


we are living in a land so very mean


what is your favorite flavor of ice cream


bask in the vast expanse between space and time


let your face shine within tender moments like these




loosen any inability to let go & smile


it start with one foot at a time


step by step inch by inch you will reach your proper place


call it lavender grace


take a long walk in the woods through a variation in a dream


travel the pathway that is suitable for you


gaze into the sky & be happy


alone again in your thoughts


yet at this time you have a reason for being


start achieving & stop the nose bleeding