A Wanderer

through these spaces
in search of hidden traces
wouldn't you like to be
inside of the life of a bumble bee
what are we willing to achieve
gone are the days getting caught in a haze
your just like a mouse stuck in its maze
yet we must be brave
look at the wanderer
wherever he lays his head is his bed
a face of the walking dead

hitting the road
alone in his head
moments of solace
amidst the inner violence
traveling deeper then ever before
lest I implore
another opened door
he travels alone
he walks with a song
can't everybody get along
through visions of twilight
in a variation to a dream
always tracing memories
through a scene
living in a land so very mean

he then takes a sip of Jimmy Bean
life for him as a wanderer
waiting for a call up a yonder
in his dream he's in a gas chamber
falling apart at the seams
love for him is exchanged for lust
like an old car he sits and rusts
sooner or later
A stereo nor caper
seeking for a reason for being
in the changing of the season
merciful one come take this chip off my shoulder
stop the madness before his heart grows colder
may have to wait until he gets a little older
put your head on his shoulder
as our hearts grow fonder
through the very eyes of a wanderer