The Shaded Tree

The Shaded Tree

There's nothing like a warm summer day
To picnic under a shaded tree, a gentle breeze
To cool your mood as you gobble down food
Swatting at flies from your fries and pies, make you

Want to close your eyes, and conjure up a beehive
No repellant to ward off the any invasion trekking on
The picnic basket, carrying bits of food as they steadily
Form a line gathering up the chunks of rind, and making

There way to that ant hill mine, you close your eye's
And take a deep breath of nature's fragrant air
Wishing you were in Kriti Crete or on a cruise ship
Sailing the islands, and listening to the music drumming

In your ears, no care of fear as you swat the flies and stomp
The ants as they steadily approach the spot you enjoyed
For a little while, neither glance skyward to see the clouds
Float by, nor nap under the shaded tree

As you pack up the picnic basket, and shake out the crumbs
On the blanket, you glance up at the leaves on the tree branches
With a thought to come back another day to have
A picnic and sit under a big shaded tree

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