Using A Candle To Light A CIgarette

Red hot chilli peppers , loose my mind in the music.

Austronaut wishes fulfilled but mine are lottery tickets.

  I  mmitations like mirrors in our bathrooms are our feelings.  

Negate the effects of my charm for i am but a vessel to your beating heart.

Beautiful chapters of life scatterd in the ocean of my mouth.

Organized written scars on our skin and soul are fire feeding stories around moment's campfire.

Wings will fly me across the rainbow where the people smile and the sacred land breathes.

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The title caught my

The title caught my attention. It gives me a mental picture of my smoking and listening to music with a friend. That is like a modern day campfire.

Tanya Tee

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This is OK. don't you have

This is OK. don't you have spell-check on your computer?

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probably i suck at spelling

probably i suck at spelling

One ♥