Facing Eternity


In times of strife
Days without end
I bow my head
Call on my friend.

My heart he lifts
Sooths my soul
My God, My Friend
Makes me whole.

Surrounded by
Tempetuous seas
He goes before
I in his lee.

Then there is quiet
My life is done
As God leads me home
Through Jesus his son.

I enter through
His pearly gates
No more stress
No more hate.

Like a warm blanket
On a cold winter's night
I feel wrapped in his love
All is right.

Angels sing
Glory to the Lamb
Sent as a sacrifice
To redeem man.

Angels bow
As we pass by
I am so happy
I begin to cry.

Then a light comes on
Time to start the day
Tell my wife of my dream
And by the way

If you have't given your life
To Christ, do it today
Just confess your sins
And you are on your way.

No sin is too great
That he cannot forgive
Ask and it will be done
So you may live.

The invitation is there
For you to take
Just believe in your heart
And keep the faith.

God bless and keep
All of you
Hope to see you in heaven
I really do.


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I enjoy your work very much

I enjoy your work very much